Covid-19 Corporate Relationship Webinars

What can organisations be doing to support their people’s relationships in the New Normal?

As people work from home under lockdown, relationships continue to be put to the test like never before.

If ever there was a time to invest in supporting your colleagues’ relationship skills – it’s now!

These are unprecedented times of rapid change and uncertainty. 

By now, most organisations have a good handle on the technology and practicalities of supporting the mass move to working from home.  However, the reality of covid-19 lockdown means that employees will be experiencing increased levels of intensity of life with partners / children / family at home, while also needing to manage long distance relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

Now that work and home-life have collided under one roof, home relationships are being tested like never before.  And that is going to have an impact on workplace productivity, because the two are inextricably linked.

Work is impacting home, and home is impacting work

According to the YouGov survey we co-commissioned with Howard Kennedy in Jan 2020, organisations are paying a high price for breakdown in their senior leaders’ personal relationships.

High-earners (with household incomes over £100k) show up as being 3.5 times more likely to experience significant relationship difficulties at home. Over 40% of them said that it made them more distracted and less productive at work.

As home-work boundaries become even more blurred in life under lockdown, it’s clear that organisations need a more joined-up and proactive approach for supporting their people.

Organisations need to get better at equipping people upfront to do relationships well.

How can organisations respond?

There are three key actions employers can take to support their people through the inevitable pressure points of being home-based, to help them cope well through the weeks and months ahead.

They will need to help their people:

  1. Improve their “Relational Intelligence” – especially with regard to HOME relationships
  2. Build/maintain relationships of trust and respect over distance – with their “now virtual” WORK colleagues
  3. Re-design schedules to respect and support a better balance of work, home and life

See the blog we wrote about it here.

Three Webinars to support your employees

Based on The 4 Habits (c) of all successful relationships, we have put together a series of three 60-mins webinars to help employers support their people in addressing the key relationship challenges of remote working / working-from-home.

Strengthening Virtual Work Relationships

"Virtually" Stress Free

As people adjust to remote working practices and virtual team relationships, now more than ever, the quality of people’s relationships will be the glue that holds teams and companies together, placing even greater demands on managers’ and team leaders’ emotional intelligence.

This webinar focuses on helping leaders and their teams build strong relationships of trust and emotional engagement over distance.

By attending this webinar, participants learn how to strengthen relationships with colleagues while sustaining team performance/deliverables in this new, virtual working environment.

Supporting Home Relationships

Making Work-From-Home work for you

The real challenge with working from home is often not with the technology but with the people!

This webinar helps people overcome the inevitable irritations and frustrations in home relationships as people live and work up close and personal with their partner, children and other family members during lockdown.

By attending this webinar, participants learn skills to strengthen relationships on the home front while navigating this imposed change to routines.

Creating healthy home/work boundaries

Pressing RESET:

In every challenge there is an opportunity… and Covid-19 is no exception.. Instead of merely replicating office habits and practices in the home, we have a real opportunity to press pause, take the time to rethink work/life balance and design a healthier approach for a more energised and sustainable lifestyle.

This webinar helps participants re-imagine a more sustainable work/life balance for the “new normal” and beyond.

By attending this webinar, participants learn to establish healthy boundaries, so they reduce stress, maintain energy and well-being, and remain productive without compromising core values and priorities.

Practical considerations:

Sessions are typically structured as 45-mins of delivery followed by 15-mins of Q&A.

Attendances can be as small or large as organisations desire, up to a maximum of 100 participants.  To allow for a reasonable level of Q&A however, we recommend attendances of 40-50 participants per session.


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