Redefining work/life balance for the New Normal

Redefining work/life balance for the New Normal

In every challenge there is an opportunity… and Covid-19 is no exception.. Instead of merely replicating office habits and practices in the home, we have a real opportunity to press pause, take the time to rethink work/life balance and design a healthier approach for a more energised and sustainable lifestyle.

Up until now, personal and professional lives have been kept separate. Suddenly, work, home and life have collided under one roof! We must get better at having conversations around our priorities and availability – with ourselves, with our bosses/colleagues, and with our partner/family. Otherwise assumptions and expectations about roles and responsibilities at work and home will cause resentment, stress/guilt and poor wellbeing.

This webinar helps participants re-imagine a more sustainable work/life balance for the “new normal” and beyond. It will cover:

  • The importance of clarifying personal core values and life goals
  • How to identify “stress areas” where values have been compromised and/or boundaries broken.
  • How to create and establish healthy boundaries around things that matter most (health, relationships, career, balance)
  • How to rework schedules and priorities based on real values and priorities, rather than to-do lists or other people’s agendas.
  • How to be more authentic and aligned in your career and in life.

By attending this webinar, participants learn to establish healthy boundaries, so they reduce stress, maintain energy and well-being, and remain productive without compromising core values and priorities.

A woman in work-out gear sits on the floor surrounded by her laptop, calculator, glasses and a pen and paper.
Time: 60 mins

This workshop is led by Jonathan and Andrea Taylor Cummings

To enquire about this Workshop, or how we can put together a bespoke programme for your particular context and needs then talk directly to Jonathan or Andrea.



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