Poor Relational Intelligence is
costing businesses
a small fortune.

It’s time to tackle a major source of impaired performance and debilitated wellbeing.

Poor Relational Intelligence is
costing businesses
a small fortune.

It’s time to tackle a major source of impaired performance and debilitated wellbeing.

Leaders & Teams
to do Relationships well

4 Habits make all the difference

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From the boardroom to the shop floor, the quality of relationships determine both organisational performance and individual wellbeing.

Work pressures impact home relationships, and when they break down productivity is lost. Recent research reveals senior leaders are most at risk.

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Why should building Relational Intelligence be a
strategic priority for organisations?

Poor Workplace Relationships hit organisational bottom-lines

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Poor Workplace Relationships hit organisational bottom-lines

Workplace Conflict costs UK plc >£33bn per annum (CBI).

20% of management time is wasted addressing conflict issues.

40% of employees report some form of interpersonal conflict (CIPD).
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Poor Domestic Relationships impact wellbeing & productiving

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Poor DOMESTIC Relationships impact wellbeing & productivity

Jan 2020 YouGov Research confirms high-earners are 3.5 times more likely to experience personal relationships difficulties than the national average (69% vs 20%).

And when they do, performance at work suffers - 42% of senior employees report being significantly more distracted and less productive.
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25+ years of experience have shown us that 4 fundamental habits are transformational in equipping people to take ownership for improving their relationships.

What needs to change?

The current approach is to wait until relationships break down and then offer mediation or counselling.

A fundamental shift from reactive to proactive is needed. Building Relational Intelligence as a natural part of Personal and Professional Development means employees can “turn up” better, have better conversations and achieve better outcomes.

“We need better fences at the top of the cliff, rather than more ambulances waiting at the bottom.”

– Dennis Parsons-Burkitt

How can companies boost Wellbeing & Performance?

Equipping employees to build strong and resilient relationships both at work AND at home improves Wellbeing, Productivity & Performance.

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How can we help you?

We equip leaders & teams to do relationships well in all spheres of life.

Based on over 25 years of experience of working with relationships, we help people make the behaviour changes needed around 4 fundamental habits for success in relationships.

By taking greater personal responsibility for relationships at work and at home, employees reduce stress, and are better able to manage home-work-life tensions.

We specialise in sectors where the nature of work (high-pressure, long hours, extended travel and time apart, etc) has a huge impact on personal lives.


“Relational Intelligence lies at the core of many of today’s corporate strategic concerns around Employee Engagement, Mental Health & Wellbeing, and Performance.”
– 4 Habits Consulting –

Support for Relationships in the "new normal":

  • Social distancing and remote working, means Managers and Team Leads need to rethink their ability to manage relationships, performance and employee wellbeing.
  • The cultural shift to increased working-from-home means everyone will need to reassess priorities and redefine boundaries for a more sustainable work/life balance.
  • To support people through these challenges, we have put together a series of three 60-min online seminars to address the issues employees are facing in the following areas: (click on the images below for more details)

Maintaining relationships of Trust & Respect in a virtual work environment

“Virtually” Stress Free:

As remote working practices and virtual team relationships become the "new normal", the quality of people’s relationships will be the glue that holds teams and companies together. This places even greater demands on managers’ and team leaders’ emotional intelligence. Our webinar focuses on helping leaders and their teams build strong relationships of trust and emotional engagement over distance.
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Managing the invasion of work on home relationships

Making Work-From-Home work for you:

As more people choose to spend more time working from home, pressures on home relationships will increase. The data tells us that this will in-time impact wellbeing and productivity at work. Our webinar helps people overcome the inevitable frustrations in home relationships as people live and work up close and personal with their partner, children and other family members while social distancing measures continue.
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Creating Healthy Boundaries and Redefining work/life balance for “future normal”

Pressing RESET:

Few people dream of returning to the stress and pressure of the commuter life pre-Covid-19. Given that the lockdown experience has accelerated learning around remote and flexible working, we have an opportunity to press pause and re-think the rhythm of work, home and life. Our webinar helps participants create healthy boundaries and re-imagine a more sustainable work/life balance for the “future normal”.
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Building Relational Intelligence as a Strategic Priority:

  • Through a series of LIVE workshops/webinars and other online and in-person resources, we equip people to develop the 4 Habits of all Successful Relationships, as outlined in our founders’ TEDx talk.
  • The 4 Habits provide clear HOW TOs for building the Relational Intelligence needed to work across differences and distances, overcome inevitable challenges, and develop relationships of mutual trust and respect at work AND at home.
  • Recognising the range of challenges faced by different audiences, the 4 Habits workshop can be tailored to address the specific issues faced by Executive Teams/Board Members, Managers & Team Leads and Team Members/Individual Contributors. Courses are delivered as 2x 3-hour LIVE Workshops or 6x 1-hour LIVE Workshops (online or in-person).
  • In addition, given the increasingly blurred lines between work and home, we have developed a “Creating Healthy Boundaries (3-hours LIVE) Workshop to help people become more intentional, authentic and aligned and achieve a sustainable work/life balance around their values and priorities.

(click on the links below for more details)

The 4 Habits for Exec Teams/Board Members

Exec Teams/Board Members

The success of any business rests on the ability of the Exec Team to work together effectively and remain aligned in the pursuit of their strategic purpose. Strong relationships deliver strong results.
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The 4 Habits for Managers & Team Leads

Managers & Team Leads

From conducting effective performance reviews and giving feedback/coaching through to supporting people's wellbeing, successful leadership rests on a Manager's ability to develop quality relationships with direct reports.
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The 4 Habits for Team Members / Individual Contributors

Team Members / Individual Contributors

Where relationships are strong, people find a way to overcome obstables. Where relationships are weak, people often become the obstacles. Strong relationships improve resilience, wellbeing and performance.
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Creating Healthy Boundaries

Creating Healthy Boundaries

As boundaries between work and home life blurr, employees are at risk of stress and guilt when work bleeds into home, and vice versa. Learning to create healthy boundaries is vital.
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The benefits of a proactive approach...

  • Research has confirmed all along that when people enjoy quality relationships around them they are happier, healthier, live longer, recover from illness faster, are more focused and more productive.
  • Investing in equipping people with the fundamentals of relationship skills helps them build strong relationships both at work and at home, which makes for a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

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