Relationship Breakdown
and the Workplace

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Groundbreaking research shows that high-pressure work environments are having a negative impact on home relationships which in turn are having a major impact on how the UK’s high-earners perform at work.

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Relationship breakdown and it’s impact on the workplace is probably more common than you think and costs more than you might imagine.

At work

This affects

£100k+ Earners 50%

50% of high earners 

said work pressures affect their personal relationships

However, employer response is often poor

Employers unware of the issue
Knew, but offered nothing
Knew and offered time off

This affects

 At Home

Artboard 30

This affects


High earners are 

times more likely

to experience relationship difficulties

69% of high earners 

said they have experienced serious relationship difficulty whilst in their current or similar role. 

Experienced serious relationship difficulty

This is a stark contrast to 20% within Great Britain as a whole.


This affects

At Work

£100k+ Earners​ 42%

42% of high earners 

say their problems in personal relationships resulted in poor performance at work

This is a similar figure to those who will be diagnosed with a mental illness in their lifetime.

An issue that costs UK Employers £42-45bn per year.

Cost of mental health issues £42-45bn
Cost of relationship impact on poor performance - £??bn

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Research Partners

This research was done jointly by Soulmates Academy (The 4 Habits), law firm Howard Kennedy (who commissioned the YouGov surveys), and the think tanks Marriage Foundation and Relationships Foundation.

Relationship breakdown and the workplace - YouGov Research Report

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