“Virtually” Stress-free: wellbeing & productivity

“Virtually” Stress-free: wellbeing & productivity

Ongoing Covid-19 directives to work from home wherever possible mean that remote working practices and virtual team relationships are likely to be with us for a while.  The quality of people’s relationships will continue to be the glue that holds teams and companies together. Where relationships are strong, people find creative ways to make things happen; where relationships are weak or broken, they tend to create obstacles and justify why things can’t be done. 

Importantly, huge demands continue to be placed on managers and team leads to have the emotional intelligence to support employees’ wellbeing and engagement while maintaining productivity long-distance.

This webinar focuses on helping leaders & teams build strong relationships of trust and emotional engagement over distance to succeed in this season of working remotely.

This webinar will cover:

  • How to identify and respect key differences in personalities and workstyles, for effective communication and feedback
  • How to develop healthy boundaries and renegotiate deadlines / schedules to reduce stress while getting work done around family and home life.
  • How to recognise and manage the level of emotional connection with team members
  • How to build warmth and rapport by communicating value and appreciation in specific meaningful ways.
  • How to create “virtual water cooler moments” to build trust, connection and support

A woman waves at her laptop screen as a man on the Zoom call waves back.
Time: 60 mins

This workshop is led by Jonathan and Andrea Taylor Cummings

To enquire about this Workshop, or how we can put together a bespoke programme for your particular context and needs then talk directly to Jonathan or Andrea.



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