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The 4 Habits of ALL Successful Relationships – the Ebook

The simple reality is ALL relationships face a similar set of inevitable hurdles. Success comes from learning how to get over the hurdles ahead of time, and taking personal responsibility for “turning up well” in your relationships.

This book will help you understand both WHY you need to be intentional about building your Relational Intelligence and HOW to do it – by changing your behaviours from habits that damage relationships to habits that strengthen them – at home, at work, and in life!

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About the Authors…

Jonathan and Andrea Taylor-Cummings stand side by side.

Dr Andrea & Jonathan Taylor-Cummings are recognised authorities on the subjects of relationships and marriage, with numerous public speaking engagements, TV and Radio appearances.

Founders of 4 Habits Consulting and Soulmates Academy Foundation, they have a vision to equip as many people as possible to build healthy relationships – at home, at work and in life.

As city professionals and entrepreneurs themselves, Jon & Andrea have first-hand experience of the inevitable relationship challenges of high-stress careers and the pressures of living and working together 24/7. 

They have been married for 28 years and live in the UK with their two teenage children.

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