Revive & Refresh:
A 4 Habits Couples Retreat

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Reignite the Spark: An Exclusive Couples Escape

Reignite the spark and build a future-proof bond at our luxurious Couples Retreat.

Imagine deepening your connection, truly understanding each other’s needs, and mastering healthy communication.

Our supportive environment allows you to navigate disagreements with ease and discover habits to keep the flame burning bright.

  • Deeper Connection: Learn to appreciate each other’s perspectives and connect on a deeper level.
  • Conflict Resolution: Master communication skills to turn disagreements into opportunities for growth.
  • Supercharged Warmth and Intimacy: Learn how to communication love and appreciation in a way that’s meaningful to your partner


This retreat is a safe space for growth, with no pressure to share beyond your comfort zone.

Our 3-day Retreats include...

Our Weekend Retreats include… 

Fun, interactive sessions 

Relationship building exercises 

2 nights accommodation & all incl. gourmet meal package 

Scenic walks, safari tours, luxury spa or beach excursions (subject to location)

“Fireside” chats

Gym and swimming pool

Make time to revive and refresh your most important relationship!  

What couples are saying… 

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