Effective Performance Conversations

Equipping Managers to have better performance conversations at Mid-Year, End-Year and otherwise

“Performance Review Conversations” are often cited by managers as one of their most challenging or nerve-racking responsibilities. Many managers worry about how people will respond when receiving performance feedback, as well as how to manage expectations around ratings and promotions.

On top of that, managers feel the weight of responsibility to give feedback that is both honest and caring, knowing that people’s lives and careers are in their hands. 

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Given that everything a manager says or does lands powerfully with their team members, it is vital that managers are supported and equipped to do this most important conversation well. 

How we can help...

In this workshop, we help managers become more effective in performance review conversations, through a hands-on, interactive experience.  Participants are equipped with two key models to help them structure and conduct the review process more effectively.  Participants are also empowered to be more intentional about creating an environment that fosters ongoing, honest communication and engagement.  Specifically, this session covers:

  • Understanding Preparation, Process and Perspective for conducting effective performance reviews
  • HOW to give feedback that is direct and effective while building engagement and motivation for future performance – using the A.I.D.E. Model 
  • HOW to manage emotions on both sides and stay focused on the key message while still building trust and respect – using the C.A.L.M. model 
  • How to build psychological safety and invest in relationships for ongoing honest communication


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