Pressing RESET: Redefining work/life balance for the New Normal

Going back to “normal” after Covid-19 would be a tragedy for a workforce that was already stressed and fatigued. Given that the lockdown experience has accelerated learning around remote and flexible working, we have an opportunity to press pause and re-think the rhythm of work, home and life. This webinar helps participants create healthy boundaries and re-imagine a more sustainable work/life balance for the “future normal”.

“Virtually” Stress Free: Helping managers & teams improve wellbeing and productivity, long distance

Beyond the technology, successful remote and virtual working depends on the ability to keep people feeling connected and involved, despite the distance

In this session, we help team leads, managers and virtual/remote workers to establish great rapport, play to their collective strengths, negotiate boundaries and deliverables, communicate value and appreciation and build relationships of mutual trust and respect so performance is enhanced, despite the distance.