Inclusion Starts With ME

Ultimately, inclusion comes down to the quality of our 1-on-1 relationships. This blog outlines what can be done to improve relationships, on purpose.

Supporting Employees and their Relationships through Covid-19 lockdown

(Updated 23 Apr 2020) These are unprecedented times of rapid change and uncertainty, as everyone “battens down the hatches” at home.  By now, most organisations already have a good start on the technology and practicalities to support this.  Any others that plan to survive won’t be far behind. For the vast majority of employees however, this […]

Addressing Workplace Conflict BEFORE conflict arises

A quick conversation over lunch recently confirmed the impact and ripple effect of workplace conflict and why it costs UK plc upwards of £33bn per year. A friend described her intense frustration with a colleague who seemed to be intentionally dragging her feet in providing information needed to respond quickly to clients and win business […]

Workforce Sustainability: The case for investing in Relational Wellbeing

Sustainability for the future is a topical concern – and quite rightly so. But while we focus on the things we must do to rescue our planet, what else do we need to focusing on to rescue ourselves – and those around us? In today’s 24/7 always on culture, with flexible working invading the safe […]

Future Proofing Businesses for 2030 – Creating a Culture Of Support For Employees

Success in the future will be achieved by organisations that create a culture of support for employees through the different seasons of their lives – beyond just supporting the traditional employee life-cycle to supporting their “real-life” cycle. This is one of three blogs looking at shifts in mindsets, behaviours and cultures required for future-proofing businesses. […]

Future Proofing Businesses for 2030 – Creating a Culture of Healthy Boundaries

Recent research examined the correlations between work pressure, relationship breakdown at home and productivity in the workplace. The results confirm that high pressure jobs have a negative impact on home relationships; when home relationships breakdown, performance on the job is affected.  What we didn’t know was the stark reality and the extent of the issue.  High-earners […]

Future Proofing Businesses for 2030 – Creating a Culture Of Collaboration Across Boundaries

Collaboration and the ability to partner with other teams / organisations are now high on the list of skills required to future-proof businesses. However, the real results will come from creating a culture of collaboration – especially learning to partner effectively across healthy personal and professional boundaries. Ultimately, it is about the relationship-centred behaviour changes […]

Should companies help people with relationship problems?

Spoiler alert – the short answer is ‘yes’. Companies should help people with their domestic romantic relationships. And here’s why it’s appropriate and necessary… Research by YouGov reveals that relationship problems at home are having a really big impact on how the UK’s high-earners are performing at work. The research shows that more than 40% […]