What does the research say on workplace productivity and relationships?

Research done for us by YouGov reveals that problems in romantic relationships at home are having a major impact on how the UK’s high-earners perform at work. The research shows that more than 40% of people with household incomes of at least £100,000 have encountered domestic problems that were severe enough to significantly damage their […]

Is there any research about productivity at work & relationship problems?

Funnily enough, we have some interesting research right here that shows relationship problems are damaging workplace productivity. Research done for us by YouGov reveals that problems in romantic relationships at home are having a major impact on how the UK’s high-earners perform at work and hence, their productivity at work.  The research shows that more […]

Does relationship trouble and break-up damage productivity at work?

When people are emotionally distracted, workplace productivity is damaged through absence – both physical and mental. And there is little more emotionally distracting than the breakdown of a domestic romantic relationship, especially when it comes to the affect it has on productivity at work.  Romantic relationship breakdown and subsequent mental absence is especially damaging in […]

Maintain and improve productivity in the workplace

What are the secrets to maintaining and improving productivity in the workplace? Well, making sure that people are happy is definitely one of them. Anyone who has ever paid attention to what is happening with their colleagues or themselves will know that happy people are more productive in the workplace. One of the things that […]

A framework for Mental Health Initiatives?

As we prepared for Mental Health Awareness week this year (now only two weeks away, 13-19 May 2019), it struck me that having a framework for thinking about the various initiatives on offer would be a good thing. And what better framework than the wise counsel (and one of my favourite quotes) from Medical Scientist, […]

Productivity, Performance… and Personal Relationships

Happy people are more productive. Common sense tells us that. One of the things that can make us happy and content – or not – is our marriage or relationship with a “significant other”.  In fact, it’s probably the main thing that makes us happy or sad. Which means it’s one of the main things […]

The 4 Habits of ALL Successful Relationships

The 4 Habits - TEDx

A little while ago we ticked a major box on the bucket list – delivering a TEDx talk! Unusually (at least for TED talks!) we presented as a couple, living out our message that by proactively building great relationships we get to reap the benefits that come from improved productivity, wellbeing and work-life balance. This was a […]

Positive Mental Health – Are we missing a key ingredient?

This year the focus for Mental Health Awareness Week (14-20 May 2018) is on stress – a very relevant topic for our high-octane, “always on” culture.  Along with everything else, it seems the incessant demands of the chimes, pings and rings from our multiple devices keeping us indiscriminately at the beck and call of the […]

Emotional Resilience: Bolstering Productivity in the face of the Global Stress Epidemic

What experts call “occupational stressors” are off the charts both in terms of number and intensity. Occupational stress – in all its various guises – has been defined as a “global epidemic” by the United Nations’ International Labour Organization (ILO). Somehow, it seems to have become trendy to be constantly living in a ‘maxed out’ […]