Maintain and improve productivity in the workplace

What are the secrets to maintaining and improving productivity in the workplace?

Well, making sure that people are happy is definitely one of them.

Anyone who has ever paid attention to what is happening with their colleagues or themselves will know that happy people are more productive in the workplace.

One of the things that can make us happy and content – or not – is our marriage or romantic relationship.

So, why aren’t companies doing more to help their employees maintain strong relationships outside the office?

Brand new productivity at work statistics reveal people who are happy in their home relationships perform much better in the office.

Our research has found that issues in romantic relationships at home are having a major impact on how the UK’s high-earners perform when they are in the office.

Research that was carried out for us by YouGov shows that more than 40% of people with household incomes of at least £100,000 have had domestic problems that were bad enough to significantly damage productivity at work.

The figure is about the same as the proportion of people who will encounter mental health problems in their lifetime.

Poor mental health was recently estimated by Deloitte to cost UK employers £33 billion to £42 billion every year.

Quite rightly, firms spend a lot of money trying to tackle it.

But these same firms are doing virtually nothing about something that also has a very serious impact on well-being and performance.

This has to change.

And it is doubly important that these changes in the corporate world as the very nature of the work itself can create or exacerbate relationship problems.

High stress, long hours and extended time apart to travel on business take their toll.

Corporate professional environments top the charts for ‘the double whammy’ on relationships – stressful relationships at home negatively impact workplace productivity, and lower productivity creates more stress on the job, which then further increases unhappiness at home and therefore damages productivity at work.

Interested in maintaining and improving productivity in the workplace?

We have identified four habits that allow people to strengthen or repair their romantic relationships and improve their performance in the workplace.

The 4 Habits for better performance at work are…

  • Be CURIOUS, not critical – which helps people get over the hurdle of frustration that comes from unmet expectations.
  • Be CAREFUL, not crushing – which helps people get over the hurdle of poor conflict resolution approaches and the damage they can cause in relationships.
  • ASK, don’t assume – which helps people get over the hurdle of frustration that comes from mistrust and disrespect that can creep into relationships over time.
  • CONNECT before you correct – which is all about getting better at communicating real value and appreciation, and holding back on that need to give “constructive feedback” that so many of us are all too good at! 
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