Under Lockdown,
the need for strong relationship skills both at Work AND at Home, increased significantly!

Under Lockdown, the need for strong relationship skills both at Work AND at Home,
increased significantly!

Building Social Capital in the New Normal

Under Lockdown,
the need for strong relationship skills both at Work AND at Home, increased significantly!

With work colleagues...

As most of us are now painfully aware, working-from-home involves a whole lot more than a change of physical location.

As everyone battles to maintain connections with now virtual colleagues, managers and team leads are being challenged in their ability to support emotional health and wellbeing in the team while maintaining productivity in the remote environment.

Success in the New Normal means equipping leaders and teams with the Relational Intelligence to stay better connected over distance.

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One of the clear challenges of New Normal is staying connected and supporting the performance and wellbeing of remote teams.

Family at home as the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) forces many employees and students to work and study from home.

With those at home...

Simultaneously, everyone is having to learn how to establish healthy boundaries to manage the invasion of work on home.

Employees are under often very silent, but enormous pressure, to perform at the same levels and be available in the same way they were in the office – while juggling the demands of home life and personal relationships.

Never before has there been a more urgent need to equip people with the skills to build strong relationships at work AND home, to help them stay connected, resilient and productive and create meaningful support structures for the long haul.

For many, routines have gone out the window, household responsibilities have gone through the roof and they have lost the safe haven of home.

How we can help...

Based on over 25yrs experience in relationship education, we equip both managers and teams with the Relational Intelligence required to thrive in the New Normal.  Services on offer include:

  • Awareness Webinars
    • “Virtually” Stress Free – helps managers & teams stay better connected while working across distance
    • Courageous Conversations for healthy relationships at work AND at home.
    • Making WORK-FROM-HOME Work For You – helps everyone manage the invasion of work on home
    • 5 Key Boundaries for effective working from home
    • Effective communications for the Remote working environment
    • Resolving conflict & misunderstanding in the New Normal
  • Equipping Workshops
  • One-on-one Coaching – helps individuals embed the learning and achieve genuine relationship-centred behaviour change.
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