Not everybody wants flowers!

A young woman with long brown hair embraces a man who is kissing her on the cheek. They are holding a red heart.

One couple we worked with (let’s call them Evie & Jim) shared about a major blowout they had one Valentine’s Day. Things had been a little tense in the relationship, partly because money was tight.  Jim had been made redundant and Evie wasn’t yet back on a full-time income given her extended maternity leave while […]

NEW NORMAL? Making WFH, Work-For-You.

Two laptops with hands typing.

The option to work more flexibly and from home has been available for a while and many have embraced it.  However, the recently enforced requirement to work from home following the rapid spread of Covid-19, raises a whole set of challenges for those new to the situation. Beyond getting the technology and the new physical […]

WFH: 4 Ways to Strengthen Relationships at Work

A woman waves at her laptop screen as a man on the Zoom call waves back.

In this Covid-19 driven, mass move to work from home, setting up office and working from home will be new to many.  Thankfully there are countless wonderful articles available on how to use the technology, co-ordinate projects and deadlines, run virtual meetings and all the other practicalities to help you get up and running.   There […]

The case for investing in Relational Wellbeing

A bright green chart on the screen and a man behind it.

Sustainability for the future is a topical concern – and quite rightly so. But while we focus on the things we must do to rescue our planet, what else do we need to focusing on to rescue ourselves – and those around us? In today’s 24/7 always on culture, with flexible working invading the safe […]

How do you improve productivity at work?

A highrise building at night showing the lit up windows.

What are the secrets to greater productivity at work? All good managers, directors and owners should be asking themselves this in those brief moments when they have time to reflect on the way their businesses are run. One of the secrets to improve productivity has to be happiness. You don’t have to have a brain […]

Relationship issues are blighting productivity…

Portrait of offended young woman ignoring her angry partner sitting behind her on the couch at home.

Does your boss know that relationship issues at home are damaging productivity at work? In a word, no. Companies do not know that relationship issues are damaging workplace productivity. That’s because they don’t know everything that is going on in your head. It might feel like your boss can see right into your soul, but […]

Relationship Issues, Mental Health & Productivity

A frustrated man sits in front of his laptop and looks at his phone.

At this stage, it’s not possible to say, definitively, that poor mental health costs the economy £X and relationship problems at work cost it £Y. But what we can say is that the proportion of people who say their productivity at work has been damaged by romantic relationship issues in the recent past is virtually […]

Poor relationships damage workplace-productivity

A close up of a stack of files.

Research done for us by YouGov reveals that problems in romantic relationships at home are having a major impact on how the UK’s high-earners perform at work and hence, their productivity at work.  The research shows that more than 40% of people with household incomes of at least £100,000 have encountered domestic problems that were […]

Maintain and improve productivity in the workplace

Young man near scrum task board in office

What are the secrets to maintaining and improving productivity in the workplace? Well, making sure that people are happy is definitely one of them. Anyone who has ever paid attention to what is happening with their colleagues or themselves will know that happy people are more productive in the workplace. One of the things that […]

What else can we be doing to get that Happiness feeling at work?

A man leans back with his hand behind his head smiling as he sits in front of his laptop.

This year, 23-27 September 2019 has been declared “International Week of Happiness at Work”! So, we thought it would be interesting (and hopefully fun given the theme!) to check in and see just how happy people are feeling and which solutions are making a difference both at a corporate and a personal level. As I looked […]

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