Future Proofing Businesses for 2030 – Creating a Culture of Healthy Boundaries

Recent research examined the correlations between work pressure, relationship breakdown at home and productivity in the workplace. The results confirm that high pressure jobs have a negative impact on home relationships; when home relationships breakdown, performance on the job is affected.  What we didn’t know was the stark reality and the extent of the issue.  High-earners […]

Future Proofing Businesses for 2030 – Creating a Culture Of Collaboration Across Boundaries

Collaboration and the ability to partner with other teams / organisations are now high on the list of skills required to future-proof businesses. However, the real results will come from creating a culture of collaboration – especially learning to partner effectively across healthy personal and professional boundaries. Ultimately, it is about the relationship-centred behaviour changes […]

Should companies help people with relationship problems?

Spoiler alert – the short answer is ‘yes’. Companies should help people with their domestic romantic relationships. And here’s why it’s appropriate and necessary… Research by YouGov reveals that relationship problems at home are having a really big impact on how the UK’s high-earners are performing at work. The research shows that more than 40% […]

What does the research say on workplace productivity and relationships?

Research done for us by YouGov reveals that problems in romantic relationships at home are having a major impact on how the UK’s high-earners perform at work. The research shows that more than 40% of people with household incomes of at least £100,000 have encountered domestic problems that were severe enough to significantly damage their […]

Does relationship trouble and break-up damage productivity at work?

When people are emotionally distracted, workplace productivity is damaged through absence – both physical and mental. And there is little more emotionally distracting than the breakdown of a domestic romantic relationship, especially when it comes to the affect it has on productivity at work.  Romantic relationship breakdown and subsequent mental absence is especially damaging in […]

Tips for improving productivity at work

What are the secrets to greater productivity at work It’s a question that all good managers, directors and owners should be asking themselves whenever they get enough of a break from ‘doing their own stuff’ to be able to think about how everyone else goes about their jobs. One of the secrets certainly has to […]

Managing Remotely – Three Key Factors for Success

At a recent city event around “Mentally Healthy Remote Working” ([email protected]), three of the major problems cited by remote workers were: a) feeling isolated, b) feeling guilty or judged by colleagues “back at base”, and c) lack of boundaries and clear structure. Technology has made it possible for us to connect across distance and time […]

Staying emotionally connected with your teens!

This year, the theme for #MentalHealthAwareness Week in the UK is “Body Image”.  As the Mental Health Foundation rightly put it, Body Image issues can affect all of us at any age. And given that our body image can impact the way “we feel”, which can in turn impact our sense of self and mental health, […]