The C-A-L-M Way To Have Courageous Conversations

The C-A-L-M Way To Have Courageous Conversations

Work and home life have changed dramatically under pandemic conditions and in many cases, the assumptions underlying how we work and live together (both now and going forward) are no longer relevant.  But challenging underlying assumptions can be very tricky because it involves managing other people’s expectations and quite often managing emotions – theirs and yours.   The very thought of certain conversations can feel intimidating for some, which means things that need to be discussed remain unaddressed.  

In this session we unpack core aspects of Habit #3: ASK, don’t assume, and help participants understand how to have courageous conversations both at work AND at home when necessary.  Creating healthy alignment in the changing seasons of life requires strong skills in challenging assumptions and expectations, and having open and honest conversations around sustainable approaches to work and home life.  Specifically, this session covers:

  • Understanding the three key assumptions that impact your work-life balance for better or worse
  • Understanding the “inner conversations” that challenge your emotions and how to manage them
  • Identifying your own core values and boundaries in order to make better “asks” of others
  • Learning the C-A-L-M strategy for having courageous conversations successfully
A split image showing a man talking to a second man on a Zoom call and a couple sat talking on a sofa.
Time: 60 mins

This workshop is led by Jonathan and Andrea Taylor Cummings

To enquire about this Workshop, or how we can put together a bespoke programme for your particular context and needs then talk directly to Jonathan or Andrea.



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