The 4 Habits© for building Great Relationships at work AND at home

The 4 Habits© for building Great Relationships at work AND at home

Ongoing pandemic conditions and lockdown restrictions mean that relationships are being put to the test like never before.  Teams are being challenged in their ability to stay engaged and productive, onboard new recruits and maintain “social capital” outside the office environment.   At the same time, home relationships have come under increased pressure with work, home and life colliding under one roof.  For all it’s ills, this pandemic is shining a light on the importance of quality relationships and elevating it to become a strategic priority – finally.

Creating a workforce that thrives even through challenging times involves equipping people with the skills to “turn up” well in all their relationships, have better conversations and achieve better outcomes.  This means helping people improve their own level of Relational Intelligence, so they can change their behaviours from habits that damage relationships to habits that strengthen them, on purpose, both at work AND at home.

By learning to build strong, healthy relationships around them, employees are empowered to create an effective work culture and network of support, so they remain connected, productive and resilient through this period of uncertainty and into the future world of work.

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  • understand different personalities and workstyles so they can manage unmet expectations and discover strengths in differences (Habit #1: Be CURIOUS, not critical),
  • be able to anticipate inevitable conflict, prepare for it and manage it well, despite working long distance (Habit #2: Be CAREFUL, not crushing)
  • develop shared perspectives, trust and respect through asking and discussing, rather than assuming and stereotyping (Habit #3: ASK, don’t assume)
  • know how to build rapport, communicate effectively and show value and appreciation in meaningful ways both at work and at home (Habit #4: CONNECT, before you correct)
  • be able to create a culture of strong relationships, mutual support, healthy boundaries and sustainable work-life balance

Time: Two 3-hour Workshops

This workshop is led by Jonathan and Andrea Taylor Cummings

To enquire about this Workshop, or how we can put together a bespoke programme for your particular context and needs then talk directly to Jonathan or Andrea.




The long-awaited book in which you can discover The 4 Habits to all successful relationships.

Relationship breakdown and the workplace - YouGov Research Report

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