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To Do Relationships Well

The number one reason for tension and conflict – even in the most stable relationships – is NOT what you think.

A couple sit on a grey sofa arguing.
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All relationships face challenges. Success comes from having the skills to get through the tough times – but most of us don’t know how to do it.

Most people assume poor communication is the problem but that just camouflages what’s really going on.

Four habits is all it takes.

Build your relationship skills to create better connections – and thrive at home and at work.

  • Learning to be intentional in relationships, rather than reactive, is key.
  • From a combined 60 years of working with couples, individuals & groups, we recognize that every successful relationship exhibits 4 fundamental habits. Every failing relationship lacks one or more of them.
  • Our exclusive resources & accelerator programs will equip you to handle all of life’s relational challenge.
  • From better managing tensions & conflict, to creating healthy boundaries, our simple proven process will empower you to increase warmth, build stronger connections and develop more supportive relationships.

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How can we help you?

At Home

Discover The Key Principles Needed To Effectively Improve Your Personal Relationships.
Embrace the transformative power of The 4 Habits and elevate your relationships to new levels as you master the art of managing tension, enhancing communication and generally unlocking positive outcomes. With our expert guidance, you'll experience the impact of deeper connections and take your home relationships to new heights.
The 4 Habits At Home

At Work

Unlock the full potential of your organization by investing in your leaders and teams. Empower them to grow and develop, and watch as your organization thrives.
Empower your leaders and teams with the ultimate competitive advantage - relational intelligence. With strong leadership and cohesive teams, you'll experience increased innovation, productivity and success. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your organization to new heights and achieve remarkable growth.
The 4 Habits At Work

What People Are Saying About Our Programs...

Find out more about our highly-acclaimed book!

Improve your RQ (Relational Intelligence)
at a deep level.

The 4 Habits of ALL Successful Relationships

This book will help you understand both WHY you need to be intentional about building your RQ and HOW TO DO IT – by changing your behaviours from habits that are unintentionally damaging your relationships to habits that will strengthen them – at home, at work and in life!
Get The 4 Habits of All Successful Relationships!

Help Us Reach Our
Give-Back 10 Year Goal!

As part of our service to Communities, we want to equip 1M people with the skills to build stronger relationships.

We're excited to be developing resources to help people in communities do relationships better through our charity, Soulmates Academy Foundation.

If your heart breaks at the damage that broken relationships cause, we’d love it if you’d consider supporting us in our vision to transform the lives of individuals and communities around the world.
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Discover The 4 Habits

Habit #1

BE CURIOUS, not critical.

This will help you build awareness and respect differences, to get over the hurdle of frustration that can come from unmet expectations.

Habit #2

BE CAREFUL, not crushing.

This will help you build strong skills in managing conflict and genuinely resolving issues, to get over the hurdle of poor conflict handling skills which often damage relationships.

Habit #3

ASK, don’t assume.

This will help you have courageous conversations about core values / beliefs, to get over the hurdle of mistrust and dis-respect that can creep into relationships.

Habit #4

CONNECT, before you correct.

This will help you build warmth, connection and good humour in relationships, to get over the hurdle of feeling unvalued which can come from poor communication.

Develop your RQ & communication and improve your personal relationships today!
Increase your team efficiency and create healthy, strong work relationships!

"Treat your relationships as if your life depended on it... because in reality, it does."

About Our Founders

Dr Andrea & Jonathan Taylor-Cummings are recognized authorities on the subjects of relationships and marriage, with numerous public speaking engagements, TV and Radio appearances.

Founders of 4 Habits Consulting and the UK Charity Soulmates Academy Foundation, they have a vision to equip as many people as possible to build healthy relationships – at home, at work and in life.

As city professionals and entrepreneurs themselves, Jon & Andrea have first-hand experience of the inevitable relationship challenges of high-stress careers and the pressures of living and working together 24/7.

They have been married for over 30 years and live in the UK with their two grown children.

Jonathan and Andrea Taylor-Cummings stand side by side.
Relationship breakdown and the workplace - YouGov Research Report

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