Valentine’s Day plans sorted? Fancy some last-minute rescue ideas?

Hoping for a fun Valentine’s Evening… but racking your brains to find something that will hit the mark with your loved one? Did you know that in long-term relationships, often it’s the little things that count?  But I hear you ask, which little things??? What if I said, the little things that move the dial the most in […]

#RelationshipGoals: Looking for a strategy to strengthen yours in 2018?

As we come to the end of wk 2 of 2018, how are you doing with your New Year’s Goals & Resolutions?  Are you keeping up with them all? The challenge I used to find was that despite starting off with the best of intentions of things I would do differently “this year”… once the […]

Stress, Gifts & Christmas : Relationship Tips to Survive and Thrive through the Season

At this time of year, we generally spend more time with our partner, family, friends, in-laws (and out-laws!) and yes, even some of those “awkward” family members too!  For some it can be a wonderful time of creating special memories.  For others, the extra time together can be somewhat stressful, to say the least! Understanding what makes people […]

7 Habits For Creating Highly Effective Relationships

I can just imagine us being sat comfortably in the sofa, each cradling our favourite cuppa and you telling me how happy you are and how lucky you’re feeling.  Blessed even, to have the partner you now have and the relationship you enjoy together.  All is well.  You enjoy each other’s company, laugh easily and […]

How To Avoid Relationship Strain When Working From Home

When I mention in conversation that my husband and I both work from home a lot, I usually get one of two responses: either envy; that we get to enjoy a cushy life of pyjamas and track suits, no strict schedules, and the joys of daytime sex(!), or concern; expressed as “I don’t know how […]

How To Get More Va Va Voom back in your Relationship!

From time to time, relationships can go through periods of feeling stale, even boring.  Nothing necessarily wrong in particular, but the absence of vibrancy means that every little niggle or irritation can become an issue, and the prevailing energy in the relationship is low.  Maybe a little irritation in the beginning can become a huge wedge […]

How to Have a Healthy Relationship? In 7 Simple Steps

It was Nelson Mandela who said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.  Having spent the past 20+ years helping couples learn how to have a healthy relationship, we have found that translates to GET MORE UNDERSTANDING and then BE MORE UNDERSTANDING.  This blog is a summary of the 7 things we have […]

How to Have a Healthy Relationship? The first 3 Steps

They’re funny things, relationships.  We all have them but, more often than not, it’s the luck of the draw how they play out!  The question lurking at the back of many people’s minds is, “if luck hasn’t been on my side so far, is there anything I can do to still have a healthy relationship?”  Our answer is a […]

Relationship Breakdown: What do I do now?

(A 5-point check-up for relationships that don’t feel great) If your relationship currently feels like it’s “gone to hell in a handbasket!”, it may at least comfort you to know that you’re not alone.  According to research published by the Marriage Foundation, in the UK today, the divorce rate is currently 42%, and with the rate […]