The 4 Habits Course (New for 2021!)

Can you really get better at relationships?

Yes, you can! After 25+ years working in relationship space, we have observed that ALL successful relationships exhibit 4 simple, yet effective habits.

Learning these 4 Habits will help you turn up better, have better conversations, and achieve better outcomes in all your relationships – at home, at work, and in life.

Not only that, as the research shows, when you surround yourself with great relationships, you enjoy better mental health and wellbeing yourself, while helping to create better social health in your home, workplace and community.

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Simple and Affordable

This course is priced at a simple and affordable level in order to make it as accessible as we can.


What's included?

The 4 Habits course comes in 6 modules. Each module is around 30-45 mins long.

Through the six modules, we’ll help you explore each of the habits in more detail and how you can put them into practice within your own relationships.

The course is full of practical action tips and will set you up for mastering the habits that ALL successful relationships exhibit. 

The six modules of the course

  1. How can I manage my relationships better?
  2. Habit #1: BE CURIOUS, not critical – Learning to manage expectations (yours and others)
  3. Habit #2: BE CAREFUL, not crushing – Getting better at handling conflict
  4. Habit #3: ASK, don’t assume – Creating healthy boundaries around what matters most
  5. Habit #4: CONNECT, before you correct – Getting better at showing care
  6. Taking Action – Bringing The 4 Habits to life…
Relationship breakdown and the workplace - YouGov Research Report

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