Tristan Greenaway – Lochinver

The session you ran for our Middle School Parents’ Wellbeing Information Evening on “Staying More Connected than the Internet with your Teens” was fantastic! I would absolutely like to get you in again to talk.

Jacqui Barry – Lochinver

A huge thank you for presenting  on Thursday. I have had numerous comments from staff and all thought the session was excellent. The boys were also very positive and it certainly helped in discussion this morning.

Russell Donohoe – Assembly

The assembly to Year 5 to 8 on Difference concluded the PSHEE topic we had been studying.  You led the session brilliantly and the materials chosen were appropriate for the audience – they could easily relate to them.  The simple model about how either being a Lion, Otter, Beaver or Golden Retriever made perfect sense […]

Russell Donohoe – Yr8 W/shops

The boys responded well to the session on building positive relationships and were able to easily identify positive and negative actions that impact all relationships.  They related well to the piggy bank imagery used and could identify ways in which they could make a change for the better.  They all said that they had something […]