Barbara A. – Anonymous

“It was useful spending time thinking about our relationships in the widest possible sense. The workshop spanned both home and personal relationships which makes a lot of sense given we bring our whole selves into the office. Focusing on this topic with colleagues was a lot easier than I expected and I know people are […]

Sir Paul Coleridge

“Success in the city is so often accompanied in equal measure by stress in the city. It is a real, present and serious danger to stable family life and family relationships. Jon & Andrea’s work is vital and long overdue. They have to succeed, and we should support them.”

Jon B – Workshop

“I found Jon and Andrea’s workshop particularly useful in finding uniquely different ways to tackle difficult subjects in relationships. Over the 20 or so years that they have been mastering their skills, they also have developed a helpful way of defining personalities and explaining how we can understand each other better.”

Irena – Howard Kennedy

“An eye opening session on a subject that, in all honesty, has been pretty taboo in the workplace despite being a topic that is clearly affecting business performance. We separate work from home, in an attempt to create this thing called ‘work life balance’. What a mistake; the two are intertwined, with each dependent on […]