Building Healthy Relationships - The 4 Habits PODCAST

Helping Everyone Enjoy Better Harmony @ Home, Thrive @ Work and Win @ Life

Building Healthy Relationships - The 4 Habits Podcast

Our mission Is to radically transform the way people around the world do relationships, so they can enjoy harmony at home, thrive at work and win at life.

Great relationships are vital for health and wellbeing but great relationships don’t happen automatically. Many of us have developed habits that damage relationships unintentionally, and our approach to relationship health is often too little, too late.

Through this podcast and the work of The 4 Habits®, we help people (particularly busy professionals under pressure), know and develop the habits that lead to successful relationships in all of life, so they can thrive. 

We release a new episode every Friday (5pm GMT).

Our Audience

Our audience is made up mostly of business professionals in the USA, UK and across Europe, but with increasing interest from every continent around the world.

Our conversations on relationships cover every aspect of life as a professional – from navigating workload and family priorities to progressing careers, leading others, becoming entrepreneurs and running businesses as a couple.

We help our audience gain fresh insights, understand best practice and develop habits that help them turn up better, have better conversations and achieve better outcomes in all their relationships.

What do YOU get out of it?

Firstly the chance to help us give value and insight to an audience who cares about what you do. 

By containing the conversation to answers to 6 focused questions, in 30-45 minutes, we help make the most of your time with us while expanding your reach and impact. 

We help spread your message across our network through the follow-on blogs and social media posts with backlinks to your chosen landing page.

The Session Format

Given our target audience of “busy professionals” – we like to keep things bite-sized.  Typically, our guest episodes are 30-45 mins and cover your responses to the following 6 questions:

  1. What is the change you want to see that is driving your passion and focus now?
  2. What part do you see relationships playing in that?
  3. What is the best relationship advice you have ever received?
  4. What else have you been intentional about for success in your relationships?
  5. What created a breakthrough in connection for you in a previously challenging relationship?
  6. What one piece of relationship advice do you want to pass on to the next generation?

We typically record on a Friday morning (between 10:00-13:00 GMT), but can flex if the simply doesn’t work for you. Please allow 60 mins for the recording.

Dr. Andrea & Jon Taylor-Cummings

Dr. Andrea & Jonathan Taylor-Cummings are recognised authorities on the subjects of relationships, marriage and improving Social Health in companies and communities, with numerous public speaking engagements, TV and Radio appearances, and press articles to their credit.

As city professionals and entrepreneurs themselves, Jon & Andrea have first-hand experience of the inevitable relationship challenges of high-stress careers and the pressures of living and working together 24/7. Their TEDx talk on ‘The 4 Habits of ALL Successful Relationships’ continues to resonate very strongly around the world with over 3 million views to date.

As founders of 4 Habits Consulting and UK registered charity Soulmates Academy Foundation, Jon & Andrea are on a mission to “radically transform the way people around the globe do relationships”, by changing behaviours from habits that are unintentionally damaging relationships to habits that strengthen them, on purpose.

Book a slot that works for YOU

If you’d like to take up the opportunity, we’d love to have a pre-session call to:

  1. Get to meet you (if not already),
  2. Get on the same page wrt content & answer any questions you may have,
  3. Run though Tech requirements.

We only need about 15-20 mins of your time for this.

Please pick a slot that works for you from our calendar:

Thank You! Looking forward to speaking soon...

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