Next Steps : Going Deeper with The 4 Habits

Welcome to day 30 in the series… our final day of 30-Days to Better Relationships. Yesterday we looked at how important it is to take action and be specific about the skills and habits you want to develop next.  What commitments have you made to your own growth and development? What commitments have you made […]

Building Better Relationships on Purpose

Welcome to day 29… our penultimate day in the series. Over the past month we have been on a journey together to discover insights, tips and techniques to help build the four habits that are foundational for building great relationships.  Habits take time to develop, we all know that… and that’s because the process often […]

Five Languages of Appreciation (2 more of the 5)

Welcome to day 28 in the series… Yesterday we looked at the power of PHYSICAL TOUCH and GIFTS in communicating love to people around us for whom these resonate strongly.  Today we will look at the final two – QUALITY TIME and ACTS OF SERVICE. For some people, spending QUALITY TIME – uninterrupted, focused, one-on-one […]

Five Languages of Appreciation (2 of the 5)

Welcome to day 27 in the series… Yesterday we looked at one of the Five Love Languages – Words Of Affirmation and how it can be expressed.  Today we will share insights on two more – PHYSICAL TOUCH and GIFTS. Some people feel most loved through PHYSICAL TOUCH.  For a TOUCH person, there is nothing […]

Five Languages of Appreciation (1 of the 5)

Welcome to day 26 in the series… we’re almost at the end!  Yesterday we introduced the powerful concept of “Love Languages”, a very practical way for showing love in specific ways meaningful to your partner and topping up their emotional bank account on purpose. Over the next three days we will look at each of […]

Five Love Languages

Welcome to day 25 in the series… Yesterday we looked at different communication styles.  Today we start to unpack a very powerful model for creating genuine connection and making major deposits in your loved one’s emotional bank accounts by learning to communicate love, value and appreciation in specific ways meaningful to them. This powerful model […]

Different Communication Styles

Welcome to day 24 in the series… Yesterday we looked at the importance of communicating effectively by learning to manage words, tone and body language.  Today we will look at the impact of different communication styles on how effectively we communicate with each other. There are many influences on our natural communication style – our […]

More Than Just the Words

Welcome to day 23 in the series… Yesterday we introduced Habit #4 and why it is important to be even more deliberate about “Connecting” than “Correcting”.  Today we will look at one way we can all get better at connecting, through communicating effectively. Communication is the life blood of relationships. Developing the skill of good […]

CONNECT, before you Correct

Welcome to day 22 in the series…  Yesterday we ended our discussion on Habit #3 by looking at a practical way to schedule our lives and achieve the balance of priorities we desire.  Today and for the next week we will be looking at Habit #4 – CONNECT, before you Correct. Alongside being able to […]

Designing Your Own Life Balance and Schedule Based on Your Values

Welcome to day 21 in the series… Yesterday Andrea took us through the benefits of taking the time to design the life balance and schedule we desire, based on our values and priorities rather than our “to do” lists. Today we will wrap up habit #3 – ASK, don’t assume, by sharing a simple strategy that […]