Mastering The 4 Habits
Group Mentoring Program

Improve Your Relationship Skills With The Direct Guidance of Renowned Experts Dr. Andrea & Jonathan,

As They Lead You Through a Transformative

Journey in their 6-session LIVE Group Mentoring Program!

You'll Learn In Depth How To :

  • Cultivate the powerful 4 Habits© that will empower you to reach your goals and achieve a fulfilling life at home & at work!

  • Use the proven “Emotional Bank Account” principle that will allow you to dramatically improve your relationships!

  • Anticipate inevitable conflict, prepare for it and manage it well!

  • Respect different approaches/workstyles and find strengths in difference!

  • Use problem-solving skills to drastically improve your relationships with the ones you care about!

  • Create new, healthy habits that will allow you to communicate effectively and that’ll help you minimize conflict and stress!

  • Rapidly improve your life and the life of the ones you care about!

How does it work?

Get deeper insights and understanding in 6x LIVE Q&A sessions with
Dr. Andrea & Jon
Hosted by Dr. Andrea & Jon - get your questions answered as you go through the content – a combination of LIVE teaching, small group discussion, video-learning and exercises to deepen your understanding on YOUR OWN relationships.
Help navigate specific challenges as you develop the habits
You'll alternate between attending weekly group workshops hosted by Dr. Andrea & Jon and going deeper with the content from the online video-based course and reading their book - The 4 Habits of All Successful Relationships.
Get group support & accountability to stay on track as you build the habits over 6 months
Follow the program with a group of like-minded individuals, learn from shared experiences as you start practicing the habits, and keep moving forward.

“Relationships may not be rocket science, but they’re far from effortless. Take football for example, anyone can kick a ball, but not everyone can consistently score goals or make it to the NFL or Premier League.

In the same way, success in relationships comes from taking personal responsibility for learning The 4 Habits and changing your behaviors from habits that are damaging your relationships, to habits that strengthen them, on purpose.”

A screenshot of Jonathan and Andrea Taylor Cummings delivering a webinar. They are smiling at the laptop screen.
The 4 Habits of All Successful Relationships cover
Bonus! Along With Direct Email Access To Dr. Andrea & Jon, Once You Enroll In The Program You'll also Receive Their Best-Selling Book : The 4 Habits of All Successful Relationships, As A Gift!

Join Dr. Andrea & Jonathan in these facilitated & interactive sessions as they build upon the fundamental principles that will allow you to dramatically improve your relationships!

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About your hosts…

Dr Andrea & Jonathan Taylor-Cummings are recognized authorities on the subjects of relationships and marriage, with numerous public speaking engagements, TV and Radio appearances.

Founders of 4 Habits Consulting and Soulmates Academy Foundation, they have a vision to equip as many people as possible to build healthy relationships – at home, at work and in life.

As city professionals and entrepreneurs themselves, Jon & Andrea have first-hand experience of the inevitable relationship challenges of high-stress careers and the pressures of living and working together 24/7.

They have been married for 30 years and live in the UK with their two grown children.

The Only Regret You’ll Have Is That You Didn’t Learn This Sooner.

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