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"Relationships 101"

12 - 16 October 2020 is National #WorkLifeWeek

How are you doing… really?​

Join us for this session and, in just 45 mins, learn:

  • How every relationship faces misunderstandings.
  • How our differences can, in fact, be great strengths to draw on.
  • How to thrive in a relationship (at work or at home) with someone who thinks very differently to you!

Spaces limited.  Save yours now   >>>

Spaces limited

Save yours now

What's involved and included

  • Join us online from wherever you are.
  • We’ll talk about The 4 Habits of ALL successful relationships, from our 25 yrs’ experience of teaching them.
  • We’ll share the detail around developing Habit #1: Be CURIOUS, not critical.
  • We’ll talk a little about our charity work.
  • You’ll gain FREE access to the whole 4 Habits course due for release before Christmas.

Who should attend

Quite simply anyone in any kind of relationship. 

What you will get out of attending

Go ahead and save your space now   >>>

Go ahead and

save your space now