Keeping Home Relationships Intact During COVID-19 Lockdown

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Relationships are being put to the test like never before.

If ever there was a time to invest in strong relationship skills – it’s now!

Under lockdown, there will be some real pressure points as people adjust to living up-close and personal with partners, children, pets(!) and whatever else is going on in our homes.

For some, the pressures will just make an already bad situation worse. No surprises that divorce lawyers are already predicting a spike in the break-up rate as a direct result of Covid-19.

Success in relationships comes from being able to successfully navigate the hurdles of frustration that come when expectations are unmet, and from being equipped to have better conversations.

If ever there was a time to invest in building strong relationship skills – it’s now!

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In the month of April, we ran a series of FREE 15 min webinars to share tips and strategies for strengthening home relationships during the lockdown and working from home.

Sorry you don’t get to watch them live, but you can still watch all the recordings here on our YouTube Channel (for a limited time).

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"The fifteen minute online sessions on the '4 habits', that I attended during lockdown in April were interesting, relevant and full of suggestions that I believe I can put into practice. I could have stayed online for a full hour. The sessions were that enjoyable and inclusive!"
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