Five boundaries for PEACE-ful working from home

Back in 2004, psychologist Cliff Arnall came up with a formula for the January blues, singling out the third Monday in the New Year as the most depressing.  Blue Monday was born!  His reasoning – by then, the weight of the cold winter days, the guilt of already broken New Year’s resolutions, and the reality […]

Five things couples must do to survive the invasion of work-from-home

We have been banging on for the last three years about why it is vital to strengthen home relationships so people can be more emotionally healthy and productive at work.  Overnight, with the mass move to work-from-home in response to Covid-19, this message has become acute. For some people this will be the first time […]

Partners in Life & Business? How to Ensure Your Relationship Survives

Have you’ve ever worked together with your partner or a close family member? If so, you’ll know the grit it takes to deal with the extra relationship dynamic that enters the frame when you mix home and work life, and the fact that the challenges you face in the workplace often follow you home! We […]

Shall we talk… about money?

It’s (been) National Conversation Week this week, March 18th – 24th and, this year, the focus has been on encouraging people to talk about finances.  Good call. Money challenges or issues over finances is one of the most commonly articulated reasons for relationships falling apart. We need to get better at having this conversation. Of course, not having […]

The 4 Habits of ALL Successful Relationships

The 4 Habits - TEDx

A little while ago we ticked a major box on the bucket list – delivering a TEDx talk! Unusually (at least for TED talks!) we presented as a couple, living out our message that by proactively building great relationships we get to reap the benefits that come from improved productivity, wellbeing and work-life balance. This was a […]

3 things to know and do to get through conflict in your relationships

Today, 17 Oct 2019, is Conflict Resolution Day.  Hands up who hasn’t had some kind of argument that didn’t go so well in the last week… okay the last month then!  Why do you think that was?  Was it them?  Was it you?  Well, if you’re anything like me, hopefully you’ve learned by now that HOW you say what you […]

Valentine’s Day plans sorted? Fancy some last-minute rescue ideas?

Hoping for a fun Valentine’s Evening… but racking your brains to find something that will hit the mark with your loved one? Did you know that in long-term relationships, often it’s the little things that count?  But I hear you ask, which little things??? What if I said, the little things that move the dial the most in […]

Stress, Gifts & Christmas : Relationship Tips to Survive and Thrive through the Season

At this time of year, we generally spend more time with our partner, family, friends, in-laws (and out-laws!) and yes, even some of those “awkward” family members too!  For some it can be a wonderful time of creating special memories.  For others, the extra time together can be somewhat stressful, to say the least! Understanding what makes people […]

7 Habits For Creating Highly Effective Relationships

I can just imagine us being sat comfortably in the sofa, each cradling our favourite cuppa and you telling me how happy you are and how lucky you’re feeling.  Blessed even, to have the partner you now have and the relationship you enjoy together.  All is well.  You enjoy each other’s company, laugh easily and […]