Tips for improving productivity at work

What are the secrets to greater productivity at work It’s a question that all good managers, directors and owners should be asking themselves whenever they get enough of a break from ‘doing their own stuff’ to be able to think about how everyone else goes about their jobs. One of the secrets certainly has to […]

Managing Remotely – Three Key Factors for Success

At a recent city event around “Mentally Healthy Remote Working” ([email protected]), three of the major problems cited by remote workers were: a) feeling isolated, b) feeling guilty or judged by colleagues “back at base”, and c) lack of boundaries and clear structure. Technology has made it possible for us to connect across distance and time […]

What else can we be doing to get that Happiness feeling at work?

This year, 23-27 September 2019 has been declared “International Week of Happiness at Work”! So, we thought it would be interesting (and hopefully fun given the theme!) to check in and see just how happy people are feeling and which solutions are making a difference both at a corporate and a personal level. As I looked […]

Partners in Life & Business? How to Ensure Your Relationship Survives

Have you’ve ever worked together with your partner or a close family member? If so, you’ll know the grit it takes to deal with the extra relationship dynamic that enters the frame when you mix home and work life, and the fact that the challenges you face in the workplace often follow you home! We […]

Productivity, Performance… and Personal Relationships

Happy people are more productive. Common sense tells us that. One of the things that can make us happy and content – or not – is our marriage or relationship with a “significant other”.  In fact, it’s probably the main thing that makes us happy or sad. Which means it’s one of the main things […]

The 4 Habits of ALL Successful Relationships

The 4 Habits - TEDx

A little while ago we ticked a major box on the bucket list – delivering a TEDx talk! Unusually (at least for TED talks!) we presented as a couple, living out our message that by proactively building great relationships we get to reap the benefits that come from improved productivity, wellbeing and work-life balance. This was a […]

How To Avoid Relationship Strain When Working From Home

When I mention in conversation that my husband and I both work from home a lot, I usually get one of two responses: either envy; that we get to enjoy a cushy life of pyjamas and track suits, no strict schedules, and the joys of daytime sex(!), or concern; expressed as “I don’t know how […]

Emotional Resilience: Bolstering Productivity in the face of the Global Stress Epidemic

What experts call “occupational stressors” are off the charts both in terms of number and intensity. Occupational stress – in all its various guises – has been defined as a “global epidemic” by the United Nations’ International Labour Organization (ILO). Somehow, it seems to have become trendy to be constantly living in a ‘maxed out’ […]