Staying Connected across distance

Staying Connected across distance

One of the challenges of personal relationships in general is to stay emotionally connected and continue to share in “each others’ worlds”.  This is even more difficult when distance and time apart interrupts the normal rhythms of conversation and connection.

In this session we share tips and strategies for staying connected beyond the functional conversations about running the household.  Participants will strengthen their ability to stay in touch with, and supportive of, each other’s worlds and continue being able to share matters of the heart – hopes, fears, dreams and concerns.  They will also develop their ability to communicate love, value and appreciation in simple, specific meaningful ways, maintain warmth in the relationship and stay emotionally connected, despite the challenges of distance and physical separation. 

As a result of completing this live seminar/webinar participants will:

  • Understand the five languages of love and appreciation and how to consistently communicate value in specific meaningful ways
  • Understand how to use technology to stay in each other’s worlds 
  • Understand how to listen patiently
  • Understand why small talk is a big deal
Time: 60-90 mins

This workshop is led by Jonathan and Andrea Taylor Cummings

To enquire about this Workshop, or how we can put together a bespoke programme for your particular context and needs then talk directly to Jonathan or Andrea.



Relationship breakdown and the workplace - YouGov Research Report

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