Understanding Conflict – It’s Inevitable

Welcome to Day 10 in the series… Yesterday we started the conversation around the reality of conflict in any relationship.  Today we will look at the fact that conflict is inevitable so we must get good at managing the process well.   We mentioned previously that because we are all unique, there will be times that […]

Be CAREFUL, not crushing

Welcome to Day 9 in this series of 30 Days to Better Relationships.  We’re now a third of the way through, so well done for staying the course… Yesterday we finished looking at Habit #1 : BE CURIOUS, not critical.  Today we start unpacking Habit #2 : BE CAREFUL, not crushing – which is all […]

BE CURIOUS, not critical – summary

Welcome to Day 8 in the series… Yesterday we looked at how understanding different personality styles can help you give each other more “space” and “grace”, and improve the quality of your interactions.  Today we will wrap up on Habit #1 and look at practical ways to implement what it takes to “BE CURIOUS, not […]

Understanding each other’s tendencies, natural strengths and weaknesses

Hi there and welcome back to Day 7 in the series… Yesterday we looked at the influence of culture and family of origin on how we tend to show up in our relationships.  Today we’re going to be looking at probably the greatest influencer of how we perceive each other… our individual personality styles. Ultimately, […]

Getting to grips with Cultural/Family Differences

Hi there and welcome to Day 6 in the series… Yesterday we looked at gender differences and how they can impact on how we behave and perceive things.  Today we look at differences in terms of the influence of national cultures and families of origin. Whenever we talk about cultures and influences, I often think […]

Understanding Gender differences

Welcome back. Here we go with Day 5 in the series… Yesterday Andrea explained the concept of Habit #1 – BE CURIOUS, not critical.  As part of unpacking what it takes to do that, today we’re going to be “going there” and addressing that thorny old issue of talking about gender differences… Now I know […]

Be Curious, not critical

Welcome to Day 4 in this series of 30 Days to Better Relationships… Yesterday we shared an overview of the four fundamental habits that distinguish successful from unsuccessful relationships.  Today we will begin to unpack habit #1 – BE CURIOUS, not critical. When we meet and start getting to know someone, whether colleague or life […]

The four Habits that ALL successful relationships exhibit!

Hi there, Jon back with you and welcome to Day 3 in the series… Yesterday we looked at the importance of both knowing what to do and doing it willingly and consistently, in order to build a great relationship.  Today we’ll be looking at the four fundamental habits of all successful relationships – the key skills we […]

What’s your starting point?

Welcome to Day 2 in the series… Yesterday we spoke about the emotional bank account as a concept to help us manage the temperature in our relationship – the level of warmth and connection with our partner. Today we will look at the importance of building our knowledge of what to do to build a […]

Learning to manage the temperature in our relationships

Hi there, this is Jon, and welcome to Day 1 in the series… Most of us would agree, wouldn’t we, that there is something palpable in the air that allows us to sense the level of connection between two people.  We can sense when people are madly in love and we can sense when the […]