The Benefits of Scheduling Based on Values

The Benefits of Scheduling Based on Values

Welcome to day 20 in the series… 10 more days to go!

Yesterday we looked at how to start identifying and articulating your core values and beliefs.  Today we will look at how to schedule your week – and life – based on your values and priorities so that you can be intentional about creating the life balance and the relationship quality you desire.

There are huge benefits to scheduling and prioritising based on values rather than on your to do list and learning to put “first things first”.  Firstly, it ensures all the things you value most are prioritised in the diary and will get appropriate attention. Secondly, as a result, it eliminates the stress of feeling like you are constantly spinning plates and inadvertently dropping the wrong ones – like prioritising and defending quality time with your partner.

Thirdly it means you can work with real focus. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to work with deep attention and creativity, because the noise of things screaming in your head for attention is silenced.  And that’s because everything is catered for somewhere in the plan.  

Fourthly, decision making is much easier about everything in life.  You know with far more clarity what you can say yes to because it fits with your values, what you must say no to, as good as it is, if it doesn’t fit into this season of life or line up with when appointments and meetings work for you!

Lastly, it means your one-on-one time with your partner and people you hold dear becomes more meaningful and memory creating.  It’s so easy to pass time around each other instead of invest time with each other.  Whether it’s activity-packed or pyjama days, you get to enjoy time together free from guilt and stress because it was planned in the diary and all the other things that need to get done have their planned space too.  It allows you to “be present in the moment” with whatever you choose to do.

Of course, it doesn’t always go like clockwork.  But when the inevitable crisis happens, you know what has to be shifted and you can get things back on track again.  It also means your partner and family can be more supportive because they know their time is coming.  

Tomorrow we will look specifically at how to design your ideal schedule.  Meanwhile, as you start to think about what that could look like for you, take a moment to download and read Stephen Covey’s hugely powerful story on  “The Big Rocks of Life”.

2020 will be more rewarding than you can imagine if you choose to take the driving seat and design the life balance you want.  Look out for the email in the morning!

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