Next Steps : Going Deeper with The 4 Habits

Next Steps : Going Deeper with The 4 Habits

Welcome to day 30 in the series… our final day of 30-Days to Better Relationships.

Yesterday we looked at how important it is to take action and be specific about the skills and habits you want to develop next.  What commitments have you made to your own growth and development? What commitments have you made to your partner and the relationship?

Since day one in this series we have been sharing insights and information on a range of topics, all focused on helping you understand the skills needed to develop the #4habitsofGreatRelationships and why building these habits are important.  In a sentence, they make the difference between success and failure in your relationship with your partner and with the quality of your relationships in life.

In these short daily emails we have been able to share information on the “why” and the “what”. Learning the “how” and mastering the four habits so they become your new automatic responses is the secret to achieving the results.  As any good neuro-scientist will tell you “practice makes… cortex!”.  Meaning, the more we learn and practise, new connections are made in our brains to help make these habits our new automatic responses.

With consistent, learning, application and diligent practice, very soon, actions and behaviours that first felt “foreign and clunky” suddenly become your natural style, helping you turn up better in your relationships, be consistent in building warmth and connection, be more patient and curious with differences and manage inevitable conflict situations with more forgiveness and grace.  This new level of Emotional Intelligence and relational competence are the rewards worth striving for.

We all invest in things we want to last and reap future benefit from – our education, our homes, our careers, our pensions. Surely it’s time to invest in our ability to build great relationships especially with our partner, not just for 2020, but for life!

To help you continue to deepen your skills and go on to develop the 4 habits, we have created a special bundle of the full suite of The 4 habits course.  Find out about the course and any special deals on our website. 

Once you have purchased the course, you can either complete it online on your own, or if you would prefer some support, you can join one of our mentoring programmes to support you through the process (Live online group mentoring, 1-on-1 mentoring, Live workshops).  

Thank you for journeying with us over the past 30 days and for committing the time to discover how to build a better relationship.  We wish you every success in implementing what you have learned so far and encourage you to continue on the growth journey. This will empower you to create the life balance and the quality relationships you desire for the days, weeks, months and years ahead – on purpose!

Looking forward to perhaps seeing you on another of our courses some day.  All the best from Jon and myself.

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