Building Better Relationships on Purpose

Building Better Relationships on Purpose

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Welcome to day 29… our penultimate day in the series.

Over the past month we have been on a journey together to discover insights, tips and techniques to help build the four habits that are foundational for building great relationships.  Habits take time to develop, we all know that… and that’s because the process often involves having to learn new principles, undo existing habits and create new ones.  It requires intentional learning, practising, falling over, fine-tuning the learning and practising again.  The process can be very frustrating at times, especially when it feels like the end is nowhere in sight and things are not changing fast enough.  However, be encouraged that over time, the effort pays off – guaranteed.  The one caveat is that you MUST take action and get started.  As the saying goes, the first step is to decide. The second step is to take action.

So, what action plan will you commit to in order to strengthen your relationship with your partner and/or others who are important to you?  If you’re not driving, grab a note pad or wherever you take your notes and get ready to write, and then at some stage today, take 5 minutes to ask yourself and answer the following 4 questions:

  1. What is the one skill or technique that you’re learned as part of the 4 habits that you will implement straight away?
  2. What one thing could you do for your partner to make them feel even more loved and valued?
  3. What three things will you commit to studying and exploring more to develop your skill levels?
  4. Which of the 4 habits presents the most challenge for you? How will you be intentional about learning to master that habit?


We are almost at the end of the 30 days series and you’re probably wondering what steps you can take to build on what you have learnt so far and keep growing in your relational competence.  That’s what we will share with you tomorrow.  By the way, do you recognise that by building your relationship skills you are building your overall Emotional Intelligence at the same time and actually developing your ability to improve all your relationships? That’s a thought that should warm your heart today.  I’ll say goodbye from me, Jon, here now and thank you for joining us in this series, but Andrea will see you tomorrow for the last session, so tune in then.

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